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  •      (Last modified by admin on 25.04.2007 16:57:02)

    Roadmap for release 0.9.9

    - using smarty template engine
    - new database layers: sqlite, oracle, adodb_light
    - ajax tree in opera and konqueror
    - better translation handling
    - better extension handling
    - enable multiple user- and grouprights on page/content
    - extract themes and editors to own extensions
    - new ajax functions
      -> right mouse click on tree or content enables new menu
      -> moving content by grabbing it with the mouse
      -> moving pages by grabbing it with the mouse
    - ids on every link
    - order tree elements as you want
    - put error message in own logfile
    - browser back to search
    - colored search words

    Timeplan: RC1 for 1. August 2007

    black text: not started
    orange text: in work
    green text: finished

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         (Last modified by admin on 20.04.2007 23:20:29)

    Release 0.9.8

    This release is planned for the beginning of 2007.

    The following features are planned in this release:

    - extension interface
    - registration form
    - versioning of contents [ext]
    - more translations
    - alias for pagename to make static links possible
    - internal linking in knowledgeroot with the editors
    - databasecleaner [ext]
    - install/update interface
    - error messages at failed login
    - make output xhtml compatible
    - move any page to root
    - prevent simultaneous content editing
    - ibrowser in tinymce
    - create div placeholders where themes can insert icon images

    black text: not started
    orange text: in work
    green text: finished

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    Release 0.9.9

    - better menu navigation
    - make own extensions for themes and for editors
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    Planned Extensions

    - import / export
    - print preview
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