Rightsmanagement in Knowledgeroot

This is a important feature in knowledgeroot. You can set rights on each page and on each content.

Rights in knowledgeroot are equal to the rights in linux. You can set rights for the owner, for a group and for others. So you can set "read+write", "read" or "none" as rights. You can also define the owner and the group.

With that right management you can make things public for all or can show content only for one group. Make knowledgeroot to what you want!

If you have admin rights you can do anything in knowledgeroot. Only admins can create roots or users! You are not an admin if you are in the group admin. The admin flag must be set explicit!

If you create a user you can define the default rights for him and the groups he is in. It is also possible to dissallow rights modification for the user!

So this are the rightsmanagement in knowledgeroot!