Using Knowledgeroot

How do i work with knowledgeroot? It should be easy to work with knowledgeroot.

On the left side you see a tree like a filesystemstructure. You can browse this tree and can click on the elements on the tree so that this tree element will be opened. After that you can see the content that is saved on this page.

You can define so mutch content on each page how you want. You can move each content up and down on a page. You can also move a content to a different page. That is also possible for each page.

You can add files to each content. The files will be stored in the database and not on the filesystem.

You can only do the thing for that you have rights. So it is possible that you cannot do something on one page or you cannot edit a content. If you are admin you can do all!

If you login to knowledgeroot you have on the top right side a main menue. Here  you can set your options or can logout. If you are admin you can also create roots or can create users and groups.

So knowledgeroot should be easy to use! If you have questions ask us or if you have a better idea for something let us know!