Installation of Knowledgeroot

If you have downloaded the tarball of knowledgeroot you need to extract this file. If you use the linux shell you can make: tar -xzf knowledgeroot-0.9.x.tar.gz to extract the archive. After you do that you have a new folder called knowledgeroot-0.9.x. You should place this folder to your webdirectory! After that open your browser and open your page http://domain.tld/knowledgeroot/install.php to start the installation. Follow the instructions on this page.

After installation you have access to the frontent with http://domain.tld/knowledgeroot/ and you have access to the Backend http://domain.tld/knowledgeroot/admin/ .

The first thing you should do: login as admin with password admin and change the password for this user!!! After that you can create new users and your first root! 


Install Extensions in Knowledgeroot

You need to go to the admin interface: http://domain.tld/knowledgeroot/admin/ and should login with your user credentials you have set.

After login you have a menu on the left site. At "extensions" you see all your extensions and some informations about them like version or if the extension is installed and enabled. Here you can install available extensions. After installation of the extension you can enable it to run the extension or disable it to not run the extension.

To get other extensions you must import them. For that go to the submenu "import". Here you must get the actual list from the repository server. After you have done that you can import an extension to get new features.